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On February 22-23, the 2013 Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies conference was held at the FedEx Global Education Center, UNC-Chapel Hill.  “ReOrienting the Veil” focused on Muslim women’s veiling practices in transnational contexts, and featured lively, interdisciplinary discussion of the headscarf.  Presenters included Elizabeth Bucar, Todd Drake, Carla Jones, Typhaine LeServot, Ellen McLarney, and Marilia Marchetti, as well as UNC professors Sahar Amer, Martine Antle, Banu Gökariksel, Juliane Hammer, and Duke professors miriam cooke and Claudia Koonz.  Over two hundred attended, including faculty, students, K-12 and community college educators, and other community members.

Amer and Gökariksel discussed the conference theme on WUNC’s “The State of Things” before the conference.  Listen to their conversation here.


See photos from the conference here.

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