Area of Specialization

Nadin Abu Khalaf Speech-Language Pathology Speech therapy services in Arabic
Imad Alatas Sociology Sociology of religion, gender, and youth
Anderson Al-Wazni Social Work Climate change, conflict, health disparities, Muslim populations
Nafeesa Andrabi Sociology Muslim migrants in the US; discrimination and health
Betul Aykac Geography Refugees and migration, feminism, women’s organizations, Turkey
Baiquni History Contemporary Turkey
Amarandi Barrett Global Studies Western Balkan and Greek security studies
John Bechtold American Studies American-centric war dialectic
Kylie Broderick


Social and solidarity movements, de-colonialism, state-building
Jocelyn Burney Religious Studies Archaeology of Palestine and Second Temple Period Judaism
Melissa Camp Music Music in the Arab Diaspora
Rachel Cochran History Middle East, South and Central Asia in the 18th– early 20th centuries
Brian A. Coussens Religious Studies Ancient Mediterranean Religions – Early Judaism and the Archaeology of Israel-Palestine
Luke Drake Religious Studies New Testament; Early Christianity
Michelle Dromgold Sociology Middle Eastern Migration and Diaspora in Europe and the U.S.
Eleni Econopouly Global Studies Yemen, Arabic language
Arianne Ekinci History Turkic Minorities in Modern Chinese Nationbuilding and National Historical Construction
Rachel Ernstoff Psychology and Neuroscience Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution
Yasmine Flodin-Ali Religious Studies Islam in America
Georgina Gemayel Geography Climate change, women’s health, livelihoods, and migration in the Middle East & North Africa
Matthew Gibson History Collective identities in the Arab World
Lily Herbert Geography Turkey and the post-Soviet sphere
Fouad Abu Hijleh Public Health Digital health tool development
Marwa Ibrahim  Public Policy International Development (Egypt)
Suad Jabr Geography Refugees and migration, Palestine, queer and feminist theories, transnational movements
Tara Jordan Music Music of Monastirli Jews and their diasporas in the United States and Israel
Nurlan Kabdylkhak History Islamic institutions in Central Asia in the 19th – early 20th centuries
 Theo Kassebaum Anthropology Middle Eastern Archaeology, Bronze Age
 Kallan Larsen Sociology Sociology of religion, gender, and civic engagement in the Arab world
John D. Martin III Information and Library Sciences Digital Humanities in the Middle East /Islamicate World
Katelin McCullough Classics Archaeology and history of North Africa during the Hellenistic and Roman periods
Christine Mikeska Anthropology Near Eastern archaeology, Bronze Age, Zooarchaeology
John Miller Religious Studies Islamic Studies, Qur’anic exegesis
Neta Mishly Global Studies Migrant and refugees’ welfare and rights
Sophia Nissler Global Studies Migration and labor in Morocco and Lebanon
Shreya Parikh Sociology Arab immigration in France and the US, political sociology
Ellen Perleberg Information and Library Science Digital language in the Middle East
Tine Rassalle Religious Studies Archaeology of Israel-Palestine
Yusuf Sezgin History Contemporary Muslim political thought and liberation theologies
Ehsan Sheikholharam Religious Studies Ideology and architectural surfaces; Iran’s contemporary architecture and fashion industry
Chelsea (“Che”) Sokol English and Comparative Literature Gender in Postcolonial Franco-Arab Literature and Film
Fatima Touma Sociology Health and migration
Ian Wallace Sociology Nation-building, social movements, and political sociology
Clayton Watters Global Studies Middle Eastern migrants’ integration into Germany

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