Thanks to the generosity of the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute,
fellowships are available to UNC graduate students in Persian studies

Graduate Student Fellowships

Supports talented graduate students through admissions recruitment fellowships. Eligible applicants must be applying to a graduate program at UNC. They may be students in any discipline, but their research and career interests must address Persian studies. These fellowships provide a recruitment or top-up stipend, for one year, which is designed to complement standard departmental graduate fellowship offers. The stipend is $5000 in addition to any stipend offered through the applicant’s department, and it does not include tuition, fees, or health insurance. Holding a concurrent teaching assistant or research assistant position, or a Graduate School merit award, is required. Depending on funding, the award amount may change from year to year.

Applicants cannot apply directly, but must be nominated by a department as part of its graduate admissions process. Every year, nominations should be forwarded to the Persian Studies Committee at by 5:00 P.M on Feb. 10, and the committee will notify departments of their selection in approximately one month. Students offered this award must give written acceptance to the Graduate School by April 15.

Application Instructions

Nominations should consist of a single PDF including a statement of support from the DGS for the student, why the student’s academic history or research interest appeals to your department and why you want the student in your graduate program, a statement of the level of financial support the department is prepared to offer the student, and a clear indication of the candidate’s interest in Persian studies. In the case of departments nominating more than one student, a detailed ranking of the nominees should also be provided.

Reporting Requirements

Students receiving these fellowships are required to submit a final report at the end of the grant period, summarizing their coursework and research relating to Persian studies.

Summer Research Awards

Supports current UNC graduate students through summer research awards, normally two awards per year of up to $1500 each (depending on the availability of funds), for travel, reproduction of archival materials, purchasing research-related materials, and other miscellaneous expenses related to graduate student research. The purpose of this award is to provide support to graduate students working in Persian Studies who normally do not have sources of support during the summer months. Preference will be given to applicants who make a strong case for their need to conduct research beyond UNC and its library holdings and who possess the necessary skills to conduct such research.

Evaluation of Applicants

Reviewers assign points to each application based on the following rubric:

  • Feasibility and Planning. (5 points). Is the project adequate and appropriate to achieve the student’s expected goals? Are the questions who, what, when, where, and why articulated in the narrative?
  • Need (5 points). Is there a clear financial, academic, and professional need for the applicant to receive this award in order to undertake this project?
  • Impact (5 points). Will the project advance the student’s academic and professional career?
  • Budget (5 points). Is the budget clear, adequate, reasonable, and justified?

Application Instructions

Applications should include basic biographical information in a short CV, a project description with title and summary, detailed budget, and list of additional funding sources. Only completed applications will be considered. Applicants should download and complete the attached form for the grant, and email completed application materials by Feb. 10 in a single PDF file to

Reporting Requirements

Students receiving this award will be required to submit a final report within a month of the beginning of the fall semester following the grant period.