It is the sole responsibility of visiting scholars to search for and rent their own accommodation prior to arriving or during their stay in Chapel Hill. The Center cannot provide assistance in this area.

Please note: It is highly recommend that you find accommodation on or near a bus line. Buses are free in Chapel Hill. Parking on or near campus can be very expensive.

  • UNC Guest Apartments: The University has a small number of furnished apartments in campus dormitories with nightly/weekly/monthly rates for visitors hosted by UNC departments. You must have your host department request this – but please know that you and your family would be living in the same halls as undergraduate students.
  • How Suite it Is: This service can help you find furnished suites/apartments near campus.
  • Area Apartment Communities: Not all apartment communities will have furnished and short-term rentals available. Contact each community directly to learn more.
  • HeelsHousing Resources: This search engine, sponsored by UNC’s student newspaper, can help narrow down apartment options (note: click on advanced options and choose short-term lease).
  • Chapel Hill InnTown Lodging: These short-term, furnished condos are within walking distance from the UNC campus.
  • Extended stay options on the Chapel Hill Visitors Bureau website.
  • Other options: