Name Department Area of Specialization
Fouad Abd-El-Khalick Dean, UNC School of Education International science education
Shahla Adel Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Persian and Iranian Studies
Debashis “Deb” Aikat School of Journalism Communication Technologies
Rana Alkhaldi School of Medicine Family Medicine
Ashley Anderson Political Science Comparative Politics in the Middle East
Lorraine Aragon Anthropology Indonesia
Benjamin Arbuckle Anthropology Prehistoric archaeology of the Near East, particularly Turkey
Yaakov Ariel Religious Studies Judaism
Karen Auerbach History Social history of Polish Jews in the nineteenth and twentieth century
Cemil Aydin History Modern Middle Eastern History and Modern Asian history, with an emphasis on the international and intellectual histories of the Ottoman and Japanese Empires
Navin Bapat Political Science Terrorism and international relations
George Baroud Department of Classics Classical Near East in antiquity; Literary and cultural interactions between Classical and Arab/Islamic cultures throughout history, but especially in the Medieval and Modern periods; comparative historiography
Ronald Bergquist Information and Library Science Library science
Gabrielle Berlinger American Studies Jewish history, culture, and folklore
Richard Bilsborrow Gillings School of Public Health International migration from Egypt
John Caldwell Hindi-Urdu Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Hindi-Urdu
Youssef Carter Religious Studies Muslims in the US and West Africa
Cori Dauber Communication Visual Propaganda
Ibrahim Duqum Prosthodontics Department, School of Dentistry Didactic, pre-clinical and clinical Fixed, Removable, and Implant Prosthodontics
Doria El Kerdany Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Arabic language, culture, film, and music
Bart Ehrman Religious Studies New Testament; early Christianity
Seyed Emadi Kenan-Flagler Business School Operations Management, Iran
Geni Eng Public Health HIV/AIDS prevention
Carl Ernst Religious Studies Middle East and South Asia
Michael A. Figueroa Music Arab and Jewish music in the Middle East region and diaspora
Michele Rivkin-Fish Anthropology Ethnographic research on health and gender in Russia (and Israel)
Tim Flood Kenan-Flagler School of Business Presentation skills, business writing, global communication, and American culture and business practices
Jennifer E. Gates-Foster Department of Classics Art and Archaeology of the Persian and Classical Middle East
Noor Ghazi Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense Conflicts in Iraq
Pervin Banu Gökariksel Geography Turkey, Indonesia
Mustafa Gültekin Kenan-Flagler School of Business Turkey
Juliane Hammer Religious Studies Islamic studies
Didem Havlioglu Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Turkish lecturer
Dilshad Jaff Gillings School of Public Health Complex humanitarian crises in conflict zones in the Middle East
Alan (“Bud”) Kaufmann Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Arabic language and culture
Saif Khairat School of Nursing Health Informatics
Youssef Kheirallah Davis Library Acquisitions Specialist for Middle East & Islamic Studies Materials at Davis Library
Charles Kurzman Sociology Middle East, Iran, Democracy
Tarun Kushwaha Kenan-Flagler Business School Marketing engineering and marketing research (Dubai)
Joseph Lam Religious Studies Hebrew Bible
David Lambert Religious Studies Hebrew Bible
Priscilla Layne Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature Literature, Film and Music (German/Turkey)
Christian C. Lentz Geography Southeast Asia
Pamela Lothspeich Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Modern adaptations of the Hindu epics in Hindi literature and film
Jodi Magness Religious Studies Middle East archaeology
Tim Marr American Studies U.S. Orientalism
Joanna (Asia) Maselko Epidemiology Maternal mental health and child development in Pakistan
Sean Singh Matharoo Romance Studies Islamic philosophy, Arabic poetics, the Maghreb, race and colonialism as they relate to the Middle East
Hugo Méndez Religious Studies Early Christianity (1st-5th centuries)
Winifred F. Metz Library Film and media
Mabel Miguel Kenan-Flagler School of Business Turkey
Don Nonini Anthropology Malaysia
Leena Nylander-French Environmental Sciences and Engineering Occupational Health
Aunchalee Palmquist Gillings School of Global Public Health Perinatal and postpartum experiences of internally displaced Yazidi women in Iraq
Ali Parlaktürk Kenan-Flagler Business School Understanding the impact of strategic customer behavior, product choice and supply chain design on operational decisions
John Pickles Geography Neighbors and the New Geographies of Europe: Nonaccession Integration and the Changing Exercise of Sovereignty in the Euro-Med Region, Morocco
Zlatko Plese Religious Studies Gnosticism, monasticism, early Christianity, Coptic studies
Barry Popkin Gillings School of Global Public Health Obesity economics and epidemiology
Caroline Sibley Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Research interests: second language acquisition, Arabic curriculum development, K-12 program design, language immersion models
Aaron Salzberg The Water Institute Water/Environmental Security
Mehdi Shadmehr Public Policy Theological Origins of the Iranian Islamic Government
Yaron Shemer Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Arab and Israeli film studies, Hebrew language
Sarah Shields History Middle East
Sara H. Smith Geography Political and social geography, nationalism, health, South Asia
Denise Soufi Davis Library Middle Eastern Cataloger at Davis Library
Hanna Sprintzik Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Hebrew
Niklaus Steiner Political Science Refugees
Afroz Taj Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Hindi-Urdu language and literature
Nilay Tanik Argon Statistics and Operations Research Design and control of queuing systems with applications to manufacturing and healthcare
Eren Tasar History Soviet policies toward Islam
Zeynep Tufekci Media Law & Policy Intersection of technology and society; social movements and civics, privacy and surveillance, and social interaction; “big data” and algorithmic decision making
Dorothy Verkerk Art History Morocco
Ana Vinea Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Anthropology of the Middle East, religion, and medical practices
Robin Visser Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Chinese literatures: Muslim writers in Xinjiang, of Uyghur and Kazakh ethnicity
William Vizuete Gillings School of Global Public Health Air quality, atmospheric chemistry, air quality modeling
Ellen Welch Romance Languages Early modern Mediterranean studies and French-Arabic relations
Dale Whittington Environment Sciences and Engineering Middle East water resources
Claudia Yaghoobi Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Persian literature and gender studies
Nadia Yaqub Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Arabic
Karin Yeatts Gillings School of Global Public Health Epidemiology
Waleed Ziad Religious Studies Islamic Studies, Iran, Sufism
Serhan Ziya Statistics and Operations Research Pricing and inventory control, pricing for service systems, revenue management and service operations; optimal control of queuing systems, health operations