Lecture: Palestine as Anti-Narrative: Adania Shibli in Conversation with Diya Abdo, Meta DuEwa Jones, and Mark Rifkin















Time: April 2 — 6-7:30pm

Location: UNC Hamilton Hall, Room 100

Through this event, the writings of the award-winning novelist Adania Shibli will be contextualized within scholarship on Arab American, African American, and Indigenous literature.
Registration is required! Visit https://go.unc.edu/AdaniaShibli or scan the QR code above to register.
Sponsors: Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies; Institute for the Arts and Humanities; Carolina Public Humanities; Center for European Studies; Dept of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Dept of Communication; Dept of Women and Gender Studies; Curriculum in Global Studies; Curriculum in Peace, War, Defense