The minor consists of five courses, which must be taken in at least two different departments; at least one course must be from the Department of Religious Studies, and at least one course must be at an advanced level (400 and above).

A. Two core courses are required for the minor:

1. Either of the following two courses, both of which cover material from the seventh century to 1500:

  • HIST 138  Muslim Societies to 1500
  • RELI 180  Introduction to Islamic Civilization

2. One of the following three courses:

  • RELI 181  Modern Islamic Civilization (Picks up where RELI 180 ends and continues to the present time)
  • HIST 139  Muslim Societies since 1500 (A continuation of HIST 138 to the present)
  • HIST 276  Modern Middle East

B. There are two subject categories in the minor: (1) Islamic Studies and (2) Middle Eastern Studies. Three of the five required courses in the minor (including the core courses) must be selected from one of those subject categories; the other two courses must come from the other category. Courses in each subject category are listed below.

C. One language course at level 5 or higher in Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Persian, or Turkish can count as a course toward the minor. Up to two courses in Islamic and Middle East studies at Duke University may count toward the minor if approved by the director of the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations.

Subject Categories

Islamic Studies courses:

  • ARTH/ASIA 154  Introduction to Art and Architecture of Islamic Lands
  • ARTH/ASIA 251  Art in the Age of the Caliphs
  • ARTH/ASIA 273  Arts under the Mughal Dynasty in India
  • ARTH 562  Islamic Urbanism
  • ARTH/ASIA 458  Islamic Palaces, Gardens and Court Culture
  • ARTH/ASIA 561  Art and Society in Medieval Islamic Spain and North Africa
  • ASIA 059  First-Year Seminar: Media Masala: Popular Music, TV, and the Internet in Modern India and Pakistan
  • ASIA 331  Cracking India: Partition and its Legacy in South Asia
  • GEOG 448  Transnational Geographies of Muslim Societies
  • HIST 135  History and Culture of Hindus and Muslims: South Asia to 1750
  • HIST 136  History of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh: South Asia since 1750
  • HIST 137  Muhammad to Malcolm X: Islam, Politics, Race, and Gender
  • HIST 138  Muslim Societies to 1500
  • HIST 139  Muslim Societies since 1500
  • RELI 064  First-Year Seminar: Reintroducing Islam
  • RELI 180  Introduction to Islamic Civilization
  • RELI 181  Modern Islamic Civilization
  • RELI 185  Women/Gender/Islam
  • RELI 218  Christianity and Islam in the Middle Ages
  • RELI 248  Introduction to American Islam
  • RELI 289  Muhammad and the Qur’an
  • RELI 385  Modern Muslims and the Qur’an
  • RELI 480  Modern Muslim Literatures
  • RELI 481  Religion, Fundamentalism, and Nationalism
  • RELI 485  Marriage and Sexuality in Islam
  • RELI 580  African American Islam
  • RELI 581  Sufism
  • RELI 582  Islam and Islamic Art in South Asia
  • RELI 584  Qur’an as Literature
  • RELI 681  Readings in Islamicate Literatures
  • SOCI 419  Sociology of the Islamic World


Middle Eastern Studies courses:

  • ARAB 150  Introduction to Arab Culture
  • ARAB 151  Arabic Literature Through the Ages
  • ARAB 321  Visions of Emancipation in Modernist Arab Thought
  • ARAB 337  Borders and Walls in the Arab World
  • ARAB 338  Borders and Walls in the Arab World – Experiential
  • ARAB 350  Women and Leadership in the Arab World
  • ARAB 434  Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
  • ARAB 443  Dissident Voices in the Arab World
  • ARAB 452  Imagining Palestine
  • ARAB 453  Film, Nation, and Identity in the Arab World
  • ARAB 462  Global Perspectives on Arab Cultures and Societies
  • ARAB 468  Modernity and Its Discontents in Arabic Literature and Culture
  • ASIA 060  First-Year Seminar: Israeli Culture and Society: Collective Memories; Fragmented Identities
  • ASIA 064  Arab World Photography
  • ASIA 068  First-Year Seminar: Power of Music/Music of Power: Cultural Politics of 20th-Century Arabic Music
  • ASIA/PWAD 069  First-Year Seminar: Wars and Veterans: Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan
  • ASIA 126  Introduction to Persian Literature
  • ASIA/WMST 127  Iranian Women Writers
  • ASIA 235  Israeli Cinema: Nation, Gender, and Ethnicity
  • ASIA/CMPL 256   Love in Classical Persian Poetry
  • ASIA/CMPL 258   Iranian Prison Literature
  • ASIA/WMST 329  Middle East Women Writers
  • ASIA 357  Arab-Jews: Culture, Community, and Co-existence
  • ASIA/CMPL 359  Literary Diasporas of the Middle East
  • ASIA/JWST/PWAD 425  Beyond Hostilities: Israeli-Palestinian Exchanges and Collaborations in Cinema, Literature, and Music
  • ASIA 431  Persian Sufi Literature
  • ASIA 435  The Cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa
  • ASIA/CMPL 442  Postcolonial Literature of the Middle East
  • ASIA/WMST 471 Gender and Sexuality in Middle Eastern Literature
  • GEOG 059  First-Year Seminar: Space, Identity,and Power in the Middle East
  • GEOG 447  Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East
  • HEBR 142   Jerusalem in Israeli Literature, Cinema, and Art
  • HEBR 436   Language, Exile, and Homeland in Zionist Thought and Practice
  • HIST 062  First Year Seminar, Water in the Middle East
  • HIST 163  Modern Central Asia
  • HIST 274  History of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1923
  • HIST 275  History of Iraq
  • HIST 276  Modern Middle East
  • HIST 277  The Conflict over Israel/Palestine
  • HIST 398  League of Nations and the Middle East
  • HIST 511  9/11 in World History
  • HIST 536  Revolution in the Modern Middle East
  • HIST 537  Women in the Middle East
  • HIST 538  The Middle East and the West
  • RELI 343  Religion in Modern Israel
  • RELI 583  Religion and Culture in Iran, 1500-Present
  • RELI 585  Religion and Culture of Turkey