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The primary responsibility of MEAS assistant is to provide an ongoing support for the extensive and ongoing Persian Studies collection of 40,000+ items to be donated. Responsibilities for this collection will include:
– Sorting, packing/unpacking, coordinating processing and preservation
– Proofreading the donation’s catalog
– Participating in creating bibliographic records for the donated items through the collection
– Participating in exhibits associated with the donation
– Consulting with MEAS librarian and the Rare Books Curator regarding the collection growth
– Tracking funds allocated to the collection growth
– Providing basic reference services (in English and Persian) to library patrons, in consultation withMEAS librarian
– Traveling outside the United States for the donation preparation, or as assigned.

MEAS Assistant must have:
– Demonstrated ability to read, write, and communicate in Persian
– The ability to domestically and internationally travel for extended periods of time, as assigned

For more information, and to apply for this position, please click here.

Please do not contact the Middle East center at UNC for information on this positon, as this position is held at the library.

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