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Job Vacancy: Executive Director, The Islamic Manuscript Association

The Islamic Manuscript Association is one of the principal projects of the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation. The Association is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting Islamic manuscript collections and supporting those who work with them. It was formed in response to the urgent need to address the poor preservation and inaccessibility of many Islamic manuscript collections around the world. The position is full-time and is based at the Association’s office in Cambridge, UK. The contract is for one year. Employment in Cambridge will be through the Foundation’s representative company Tradigital, which is based in Cairo, Egypt. The salary will be £30,000-£35,000 gross per annum.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the overall operational and financial management of the Association and the development of a cohesive plan for the Association’s future. He or she will be a charismatic leader and self-starter who is able to set his or her own priorities and accomplish the Association’s objectives in an efficient and timely manner, whether working as part of a small team or individually. Excellent interpersonal skills and an enthusiasm for the Association’s aims are essential.

The executive director will report to the chairman of the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation and the board of directors of the Islamic Manuscript Association.


Main duties of the job
•   Managing the Association’s daily operations, including supervising full-time and part-time staff and maintaining the Association’s offices, and reporting on these to the chairman of the Foundation

•   Planning and delivering events including the Association’s annual conference, board meetings, and short courses, and reporting on these to the board of the Association

•   Maintaining and developing relations with libraries, museums, other heritage-related institutions and organisations, academics and museum and library professionals working with manuscripts, Association members, and potential Association members, and reporting on these to the board of the Association

•   Selecting and overseeing the implementation and maintenance of an effective membership management system, and reporting on this to the board of the Association

•   Supervising the Association’s grant scheme and reporting on this to the board of the Association

•   Supervising and supporting projects undertaken by the Association and/or its members and reporting on these to the board of the Association

•   Developing the Arabic and English language content of the Association’s website in cooperation with the board

•   Managing the Association’s finances in consultation with the accountant and treasurer

•   Developing and implementing a fundraising and grant writing strategy in cooperation with the treasurer and board of the Association

•   Maintaining all records required for the good governance of the Association with the relevant legal authorities, and reporting on this to the board of the Association


Essential skills, experience, and qualifications
•   Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in history, Islamic studies, library science, museum studies, non-profit administration, or a related field

•   Record of leadership experience and working with boards

•   Record of success in fundraising, grant writing, and managing budgets

•   Record of event organising experience

•   Excellent oral and written communication skills, including a demonstrated ability to conduct formal presentations and speaking engagements, and to represent an organisation publicly

•   Excellent computer literacy: competency with word processors, spreadsheets, databases, email clients, and web-based social media

•   Must be willing to work nights and weekends when needed

•   Must be willing to travel internationally

•   Capable of juggling multiple demanding priorities in a high-pressure environment


Desirable skills, experience, and qualifications
•   Master’s or doctoral degree

•   Familiarity with the study of Islamic manuscripts and/or the care and management of manuscript collections, including cataloguing, conservation, digitisation, exhibitions, and ethics

•   Knowledge of Arabic

•   Knowledge of other foreign languages, especially Persian and/or Turkish
To apply please send a covering letter, CV, and two references to:

The Islamic Manuscript Association Ltd
c/o 33 Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1QY
United Kingdom

Application Deadline: Applications will be considered until the position is filled

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