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Call for Applications –


2 Postdoc Fellowships for 12 Months The Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS )   invites  applications   for Postdoctoral Fellowships   for  the   calendar   year 2018 .

We   are   interested   in attracting   outstanding postdoctoral researchers who are engaged  in  research  projects  relevant  to our research  focus .

The call   is open   for recent   postdocs (not   more   than   four years   after   submission   of thesis)   in  the humanities  and  the  social  sciences.

The successful applicants will receive a stipend of 2,500 EUR for 12 months, covering all    expenses including travel  and  accommodation.

We expect fellows to participate in our academic life, give a presentation   on   their   research   projects,  and   teach   two   workshops   at  the   Graduate   School   on methodological  or theoretical  issues  relevant  to our  doctoral  fellows .


Deadline for applications: 30 September 2017 Applications should be sent electronically by email only, and include:


▪ Application form


▪ A brief  cover  letter  (1 page)


▪ PhD  certificate  (or  proof  of submission)


▪ CV,  including  complete  list  of publications


▪ Description  of a research  project  to be worked  upon  during  visit  (max.  3 pages)


▪ Proposal for a workshop on methodological  or theoretical  issues  relevant  to doctoral  fellows at the  BGSMCS


Please  email  the  finalised  application,  attached  as  one single pd f – file  in the  above  listed  sequence, to application@bgsmcs.fu- .


Decisions  are  expected  by  November  2017.

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