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Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), Five Research Positions (60-80%, 3 years)


Location: Stockholm, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)


Closing date: 1 May 2017

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska institutet, UI) is looking for researchers, preferably at the postdoc level. We will consider applications based on a broad range of topics. Successful applicants will join one of UI’s five programmes: Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Russia and Eurasia, and Global Politics and Security. Please consult for descriptions of UI and the respective programmes.

The positions are part of UI’s Special Research Programme on International Studies and funded by the Swedish Foreign Ministry. UI researchers adhere to high standards of scientific quality, and are required to publish internationally in peer-reviewed scientific journals and books. As a researcher at UI, you are expected to form part of our research milieu, to participate in our research seminars, and work together with other UI researchers on joint projects. In addition to scientific research, which constitutes the bulk of your work, you are expected to participate in UI’s public events and in policy practitioner dialogue. This includes writing policy briefs and popular science articles, providing expert advice and providing commentary to the news media.

The positions are open to highly qualified researchers of all nationalities. UI strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all.



Qualified applicants have been awarded a doctoral degree in a discipline relevant for international studies, e.g. International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, Economic History, Economics or Development Studies. We are primarily looking for younger scholars at the postdoc level. The most important merits are your scientific achievements and promise, as evidenced particularly by your PhD thesis, as well as your internationally peer-reviewed publications.

Advanced proficiency in spoken and written English is required and needs to be documented. You must also have good communication skills, demonstrated by your ability to collaborate with other researchers, both nationally and internationally. Knowledge of the Swedish language and of Swedish society is an advantage, but not a requirement. Interest in and experience of policy-oriented analysis, popular science communication, and multidisciplinary research environments are advantageous.


Assessment criteria

Special emphasis will be paid to academic excellence demonstrated through research merits (peer-reviewed publications, research cooperation; research grants etc.). Your expertise and publications should be clearly relevant for the program to which you apply. Evaluated on the basis of your CV and on research submitted;

Strong emphasis will be made on the quality of the proposed research project. Evaluated on basis of academic quality of the research content, the feasibility of the project, the research design and its contribution to international research;

Strong emphasis will be paid to the ability to collaborate with surrounding society and experience of policy relevance (the ability to complete analytical tasks, take part in popular scientific events). Evaluated on the basis of you letter of intent, project description, and your CV;

Strong emphasis will be paid to a documented ability to cooperate well with colleagues and fellow researchers. Evaluated also on the basis of references;

It is a merit to have proficiency in local languages for applications to the Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and Russia and Eurasia Programmes.

When making the final assessment, consideration will also be taken to gender balance and to the balance between the five research programs



The short-listed candidates will be called to an interview, taking place in June in Stockholm. The interview may also be arranged through Skype.


Time-limited employment

The five research positions are part time positions, 60-80 per cent of full time, limited in time to three consecutive years. Salaries are fixed, taxable and will be raised according to collective agreements. We aim for two successful applicants to start by 1 October 2017 and three to start by January 2018.



Your application must include:

  1. Cover page including your full name, age, gender, postal address, telephone, e-mail, current employment and position, details of two referees including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, and, if applicable, your Swedish social security number (personnummer);
  2. Letter of intent (3-5 pages) in which you clarify:

– Which program you apply for;

– Why you apply for this position;

– Your project proposal (what research questions you are interested in within the given theme, your understanding of past research, your ideas on theoretical approach and research design, time plan);

– Your experience of policy-oriented analysis and research communication;

  1. A degree certificate and certificates that demonstrate your eligibility for the position;
  2. A copy of your PhD thesis;
  3. One additional scientific publication (peer-reviewed article or book), and one policy-oriented or popular science publication;
  4. Full CV including a list of publications.

E-mail your application including pdf attachments to – or send it as a package in nine (9) identical copies to:

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)
Attention: Aras Lindh
Box 27035
SE-102 51 Stockholm, Sweden

Mark your e-mail or envelop “SFP Application 2017”. The closing date is Monday 1st May 2017.

Decisions will be announced via e-mail in late June.

For more information on UI, see our website ( Questions can be addressed to Aras Lindh, e-mail:

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