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Lecturer (temporary full time) wanted to teach courses on the history of
the Middle East and North Africa:  FALL 2016-SPRING 2017

The department of History and Philosophy at State University of New York
Old Westbury is looking to appoint a full time Lecturer level for fall
2016 and spring 2017 to teach courses on the history of the Middle East
and North Africa and on Islamic history and culture.

This is a one-year non-renewable appointment. Candidates for this
temporary position will be asked to teach 4 (4-credit) courses per
semester: 4 in the fall semester and 4 in the spring. Regular attendance
at department meetings and help with departmental events and with
student advising will also be expected.

Courses for the spring semester will be determined in consultation with
the appointee. For fall 2016, the courses to be taught will be:

1/ HI2511 World History I: Non-Western (two sections). This is a
freshman/sophomore level semester long course in world history focusing
on the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
2/ HI3835 Islamic Cultures. A sophomore/junior level introduction to
Islam as a religion and way of life and to its institutions and culture,
beginning with the socio-economic background of pre-Islamic Arabia and
exploring the transforming message of the Quran and the role of Muhammad
as spiritual and political leader.
3/ HI4308 A History of the Middle East and North Africa in the Modern
World. This course studies the development of Middle Eastern and North
African Islamic civilizations from the 18th century to the present.

We are a small 4-year liberal arts college within the SUNY system. Our
department offers a B.A. in history and a separate B.A. in the combined
areas of philosophy and religion. We also offer content courses in our
School of Education’s Master of Arts and Teaching degree in Adolescence
Education Social Studies

Requirements for Temporary Instructor Position
* Masters in History or ABD in History focusing on the region of the
Middle East and North Africa. Teaching experience in the history of the
Middle East and North Africa and Islamic civilization is desirable but
not required.

Send letter and copy of CV to or to History and
Philosophy Department, c/o Chair, SUNY Old Westbury, 223 Storehill Road,
Old Westbury, NY 11568.

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