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Job description: Professors, associate professors and lecturers in international relations/international politics/diplomacy; scholars with Arabic, Turkish or other foreign language backgrounds are especially welcome.


  1. Educational requirements: PhD
  2. Age requirements: professors are under 45 years old, associate professors are under 40 years old, lecturers are under 30 years old.
  3. Requirements for professional titles: applicants for lecturers have no requirements for professional titles; applicants for professors or associate professors require equivalent professional titles;
  4. Professional requirements: professors need to preside or preside over social science projects, with outstanding scientific research results; associate professors need to preside or preside over philosophical and social projects, with outstanding scientific research results; doctors need to preside over scientific research projects with good scientific research results;
  5. To recruit social workers from other provinces and cities, they must hold a Shanghai residence permit for more than one year (within the validity period) For details, please refer to the website of the Personnel Office of Shanghai University:


Postdoctoral Recruitment: This discipline and postdoctoral fellows in world history jointly recruit postdoctoral fellows in the field of International Relations/International Politics/Diplomacy, and are supported by the “Panchi Project” of Shanghai University. For related incentive measures, see:


Subject Information: School of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University: Institute of Global Issues:

Contact: Teacher Qin Teacher


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