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The Department of Islam Studies is looking for a new assistant professor to strengthen the Department’s researc​​h and teaching in the field of Islam, politics and society. In its teaching and research efforts, the Department of Islam Studies particularly focuses on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Islam in Europe. However, we study Islam and the Middle East within a global perspective.

You are an expert in the modern history and politics of the Middle East, its global networks, and the role of Muslim actors within the contemporary political sphere. Particularly after the Arab Uprisings, these geographical areas witnessed major transformations in the political and religious spheres and show a variety of political developments and religious currents.We therefore wish to increase our expertise in the field of contemporary history and politics of the region concerning themes such as democracy and authoritarianism, sectarianism, the role of Islamist social movements, and Islamic thought on politics. You are not only an expert on current developments in the Middle East, but also have a strong command of political theory and the region’s history as well as a strong affinity with studying the role of religion in the region’s politics. In your research, you use sources in Arabic and in other languages relevant to the region.Your employment will consist of 50% teaching and 45% research and 5% management. As far as teaching is concerned, you will be asked to give an introductory course on the modern history of the Middle East, a Master’s course on Islamic thinkers on politics, and contribute to two courses of the MENA minor: on the Dynamics of Political Pacts in the Modern History in the MENA region, and on MENA in International Perspective: globalisation and regionalisation. In addition, you will also teach in the Philosophy track ‘Philosophy, Politics and Society’ (PPS) on State and Diversity in the MENA region.


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