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Qatar is a major Gulf-area gas and oil producing country. It is an exciting place to be these days, as the country is witnessing unprecedented prosperity and activity in the business, construction, health, and education sectors. With developments including the arrival of many respected US universities as competition, the Education sector in particular has drawn applause as a rapidly progressing field, and Qatar University now has the privilege of setting the standard against such names as Cornell, Texas A&M, and Carnegie-Mellon, among others

The University

Qatar University (QU) is an established and dynamic institution dedicated to academic excellence, and a strong contributor to educational advancement in the country. Recently, the University has been actively engaged in self-evaluation, instituting significant changes in its policies and procedures, curricula, research support, facilities, use of technology, and faculty. QU remains the largest and only state-supported university in Qatar. For more information, please visit our web page at

The College

The College The College The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) houses ten departments, covering a wide range of undergraduate specializations in the Arts and Sciences including English Literature & Linguistics and Arabic Languages, History, Sociology, Social Work, International Affairs, Mass Communication , Psychology , Policy, Planning & Leadership, Statistics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Public Health , Biomedical Sciences and Human Nutrition. The College also houses four Master Programs in Environmental Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Gulf Studies and Arabic Language. Additionally, the College offers a Program of Arabic for Non- Native Speakers.

Position Summary     

The successful candidate should be able to teach, review and develop different courses related to the area of Islamic history. The candidate will be able to demonstrate a proven record in research excellence and scholarship related to the field of Islamic history.

Application Deadline: 30-Oct-2012

Position Term: Three Years Renewable

Duties and Responsibilities:

1 – Developing and teaching effectively Islamic history courses using modern tools such as multimedia and e-learning environment.
2- Carry out research in line with the research agenda of the department and college, as well as fostering a collaborative research agenda with other departments within Qatar University and beyond.
3- Perform other academic duties in accordance with Qatar University academic bylaws


1- The ability to provide innovative and dynamic teaching in a small, as well as in a large class learning environment
2- the applicant should be proficient in both Arabic and English.
3- Experience with using computer in teaching is advantageous.
4- Ability to teach undergraduate courses related to Islamic history.


1- Applicants should possess a PhD degree in Islamic history or related areas.
2-Applicants should have the minimum of five years teaching experience in the relevant area of specialization.
3- Applicants should have a proven track record of research and publications in relevant research fields.

Required Documents:

University online application form
Current curriculum vitae with cover letter
Letter of interest and evidence of successful teaching
Names and e-mail addresses of three professional references
Certified copy of academic transcripts


1. Competitive tax-free salary
2. Housing in accordance with Qatar University HR policies
3. Roundtrip airfare for candidate and dependent family members
4. Health care coverage for candidate and family members
5. Educational allowance for up to three children in accordance with Qatar University HR policies
6. Annual leave in accordance with Qatar University HR policies
7. End of contract indemnity

How to Apply

Returning Applicants:

Please login to update/edit your saved profile. Use this profile to apply for this position.

New Applicants:

You need to setup an account with QU Recruitment System and complete your personal profile. Once your profile is complete you may use it to apply for an open Position.

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