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The Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore is pleased to announce the following vacancies for 2015:


MEI is offering one or two post-doctoral Fellowships, for two years, ideally from 1 August 2015 to 31 July 2017. The fellowships are for recent Ph.D. recipients in the social sciences or humanities working on anthropological, cultural, economic, historical, political, religious, or sociological topics in the greater Middle East region. While the topics for research are open-ended, special attention will be paid to projects germane to MEIâ?Ts priorities.


MEI will offer one Visiting Research Fellowship in 2014-2015. This is an appointment for 13 months in the first instance with the possibility of renewal for a second year. It is open to academics in the social sciences and humanities working on the Middle East in possession of the Ph.D. for at least five years, and one published book. Mid-career scholars with a promising publications record are encouraged to apply.


MEI is offering up to two Visiting Sabbatical Fellowships for 2015-16. These fellowships are intended to provide academics studying the Middle East with the opportunity to spend their (paid) sabbatical leave in a congenial and well-resourced environment. Fellows will be expected to have completed their archival or field research before arriving in Singapore. Please note that there is no salary attached to the Sabbatical Fellowships.


The deadline for applications for Post-Doctoral, Visiting Research and Sabbatical Fellowships is December 31, 2014. Candidates attending the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting in Washington DC (22-25 November 2014) may arrange an appointment with Peter Sluglett, the Director of MEI: Applications should be submitted to Ms Norizan Selamat, Associate Director of MEI, via email at Applications should include the following: 1) Covering letter; 2) Brief (500-1000 words) statement of research interests; and 3) Curriculum vitae. 4) Three letters of recommendation (ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THE POST- DOCTORAL AND VISITING RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS). The letters should be sent by email (c/o of Ms Norizan Selamat) from the recommender directly to MEI. Further details on the vacancies can be found at:

For further information and enquiries, please contact Ms Norizan Selamat via email

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