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Job title: Research Officer
Ref no.: 1446189
Department/Division: LSE Cities
Job Summary:
This post is part of ‘The Comparative Political Economy of the MENA Region’ research programme, run by the Kuwait Programme within the Middle East Centre. The programme aims to put the MENA region in broader comparative perspective with other world regions and will organize research activities and events involving both MENA experts and researchers of other developing regions. The Research Officer will contribute to the activities of the programme and will also produce independent original research on subjects of relevance to the project, in collaboration with Centre colleagues. Some funds will be available for fieldwork as part of the role.


· Support the PI in running programme activities
· Contribute to the organisation and background research required to run workshops
· Assist the PI in the planning, management, editing and production of publications
· Develop own programme of research relevant to the comparative political economy of the MENA
· Design and conduct field-work
· Present research at events within LSE and externally, including academic conferences
· Write up research for publication by the Middle East Centre and in peer reviewed journals

Communications, Impact and Teamwork
· Promote and disseminate widely own research and that of the programme
· Initiate and sustain links with colleagues and external parties to promote awareness of the
research and foster collaboration
· Assist with the administration and management of the programme
· Make a strong contribution to the research environment of the Kuwait Programme and the MEC

· To deliver services effectively, a degree of flexibility is needed, and the post holder may be
required to perform work not specifically referred to above
· The post will involve travel to the region

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