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*KU1151 – Institute for International & Civil Security Faculty*

Job Family: Faculty of Civil and International Security

Department: Institute of International and Civil Security

Contract Type: Faculty

Campus: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Location: United Arab Emirates

Closing Date: 30-Jun-2016

About Khalifa University:

With campuses in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, Khalifa University is dedicated
to the advancement of learning through teaching and research and to the
discovery and application of knowledge. It endeavours to be an
internationally recognised research university, with a world class
reputation for interdisciplinary teaching and research and a tradition
of partnering with leading academic institutions from around the world.

The University actively develops an international network of partners,
faculty members, and research programs to advance regionally relevant
research and innovation in the UAE and the region at large.

About the Department:

This position is employed under the Research & Graduate Studies.

The responsibilities of faculty members shall be an appropriate
combination of:

* Dissemination of knowledge through undergraduate and / or graduate
teaching; and
* Research, scholarly or other creative activities; and
* Academic service

About the Role:


* Teaches four courses per year, with course loads in a given year
depending on involvement in Master’s thesis advising, research projects,
curriculum development, and other professional activities.
* Teaches the following graduate courses: Introduction to
International Relations and Security,
* Terrorism, Intelligence, Research Methods, Introduction to Homeland
Security, The Changing Nature of War and Conflict and Technology and
Security. An ability to teach courses on the Middle East (graduate and
undergraduate) is also desirable.
* Teaches the graduate level course in International & Civil security
in subject areas and on time schedules allocated by the Head of Department;
* Prepares teaching material including course outline, syllabus and
lesson plans. Revises the subject matter on a regular basis as
appropriate for that subject;
* Contributes to curriculum development relevant to the U.A.E., the
Gulf, and the broader Middle East.
* The position will also include an emphasis on advising and
mentoring students from the United Arab Emirates, as well as students
from the region and beyond.
* Provides students with detailed syllabus, methods of instruction
and evaluation in their courses;
* Engages in the selection of textbooks and other teaching aids
necessary to the instruction of courses;
* Monitors students’ performance in their subject areas and provides
remedial classes when necessary;
* Sets and marks exams, coursework, assignments, laboratory work,
homework, and any other relevant activity;
* Uses up‐to‐date instructional technology and ensures the delivery
is clear and consistent;
* Supervises students’ research and practical work and of their
theses preparation, as well as participates in evaluation of their theses;
* Supervises teaching internships, Participates in professional peer
* Develops and improves their scholarly competence and effectiveness
as teachers within their area of expertise.

*Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities*

* Carries out research and produces publications, or other research
outputs, in line with personal objectives agreed in the review process.
* Possible areas of research specialization include terrorism,
transnational crime, technology and security, homeland security,
globalization and security, energy and security, the environment and
security, the security of the Middle East and Gulf region, or strategic
* Engages in scholarly or creative activities in their area of
expertise and makes results available for critical peer review;
* Delivers papers at professional association meetings, seminars and
* Participates in panels at regional and international meetings of
professional organizations;
* Identifies and successfully bids for external funding and grants;
* Actively raises the Department and Faculty’s profile, internally
and externally
* Participates in departmental and faculty seminars aimed at sharing
research outcomes and building interdisciplinary collaboration within
and outside the department;
* Collaborates with colleagues, both within and outside the
University, in conducting and managing research and consultancy activities.

*Academic Service*

* Contributes to departmental, or University‐wide working groups or
committees as requested;
* Contributes to student recruitment, retention and placement efforts;
* Fosters service by contributing to the community at large in
participatory, developmental or advisory capacity;
* Supports and participates in student organization activities.

About The Person:

* PhD in homeland security, political science, international studies,
emergency management, public administration or a closely related field.
* Preference will be given to candidates with education from
pre‐eminent institutions of higher education.
* A minimum of 8 years teaching or postgraduate research experience
of which at least 5 years should be at the level of Assistant Professor
in homeland security or emergency management and have demonstrated high
standards in teaching, advising, and research.


* Practical and/or academic experience relative to violent
extremism/terrorism, anti/counter terrorism studies, intelligence, and
* Familiarity with current concepts and practices in international,
national and local disaster risk assessment, mitigation, prevention,
protection, response, resilience, continuity and recovery.
* Experience in exercise design and evaluation using proven exercise
formats and resources.
* Familiarity with the challenges of integrating homeland security
and emergency management across numerous disciplines and all levels of
government, the private sector, service organizations, and society.

Note: you will be required to attach the following: 1. Resume/CV
2. Passport-size photograph
3. Teaching Statement
4. Research Statement

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