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IIIT is currently inviting applications for IIIT Post-Doc Fellowship
*** Please read IIIT Guidelines for Research Grant Applications before applying *** 

a) Description
The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) invites applications for Post-Doctoral Fellowship, for the period of 6 consecutive months, starting on or after March 01, 2017, and ending by December 31, 2017. The Fellowship awards the monthly stipend of $4,000 and carries no other fringe benefits. The Fellow is required to spend the full Fellowship term at IIIT offices in Herndon, VA, except for research and conference travel approved by IIIT. Besides the stipend, the Fellow will be reimbursed for a return ticket from/to their residence at the beginning and end of Fellowship (up to $750), and given a $1,000 allowance for conference travel. Moreover, she/he will be given an accommodation allowance for the first week of the Fellowship (if needed and up to $500) until the procurement of suitable local accommodation. The Fellow will be provided with office space, a computer with internet access, and privilege to use the IIIT Library which houses about 100,000 volumes. Other libraries, such as the Library of Congress and university libraries in the area (George Mason, Georgetown, George Washington, American University, etc.) are within a short commuting distance.

b) Fellow’s obligations
The Fellow is required to be free of other obligations (at their home institutions, etc.) and is expected to come daily to the Institute. She/he will be dedicating herself/himself full-time to the work outlined in the proposal. In addition to spending the Fellowship term in residence at IIIT, the Fellow will deliver one or two public lectures, based on their ongoing research at the Institute. The Fellow is required to teach a short course (12 hours) for the Fairfax Institute, a school of IIIT, on a topic that would be jointly decided. She or he has to participate in the intellectual life of the Institute and attend public events (lectures, presentations, etc.) at the Institute. Furthermore, the Fellow is expected to acknowledge IIIT’s support when she/he produces a publishable outcome. In some cases, and based on mutual agreement, IIIT may make Fellowship offer conditional on first right of refusal to publish the Fellow’s work. IIIT may also arrange for the Fellow to deliver a lecture at one of the universities in the DC Metro area. The Fellow must write a report at the end of her/his Fellowship, outlining the work accomplished while at the Institute.

c) Projects supported
IIIT Post-Doctoral Fellowship is ideal for a recent PhD graduate working on converting their dissertation into a book. Other projects may also be considered. Priority will be given to applicants who are willing to publish the book with IIIT. For details regarding the project’s academic nature, please follow the IIIT Policies and Guidelines for Research Grant Applications.

d) Eligibility
IIIT Post-Doctoral Fellowship is restricted to residents of the US and Canada. The applicant should have a PhD (SJD) in hand by the beginning of the Fellowship period, and must have received the degree no earlier than January 2014.

e) Project outcome and publication
The Fellow agrees that IIIT reserves first right of refusal to publish the outcome of this research project. An exception to this rule may be granted in some instances.

f) Deadline for application
The deadline for IIIT Post-Doc Fellowship application is February 15, 2017. The application should be received latest by 11:59pm ET on February 15.

g) How to apply?
Full application contains the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Proposal (5 pages maximum, Times New Roman 12-point font), which includes: description of the project, timeline for completion, nature of work to be done at IIIT, and proposed outcome(s).
  • Bibliography (should not exceed 2 pages)
  • Academic CV (4 pages maximum)
  • A dissertation chapter and/or a sample publication (if available)
  • A letter from the applicant’s institution (the department’s chair or dean) indicating that the applicant will be released from her/his duties at the home institution for the duration of the Fellowship (if applicable)
  • IRB approval letter (if applicable)
  • Two reference letters (mailed or emailed directly to IIIT)
  • Official graduate academic transcripts (mailed directly to IIIT)

All items related to the application should be combined into a single PDF file. Shortlisted candidates may be interviewed via phone.

Completed application should be emailed to with the subject heading: “IIIT Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2017.”
All related inquiries should be emailed to Saulat Pervez, Executive Assistant to Director of Research and Academic Programs, at

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