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The Middle East Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Middle East Initiative Research Fellowship Program. The application deadline is January 16, 2018.

The Middle East Initiative Research Fellowship Program offers one year fellowships for researchers at the pre-doctoral, post-doctoral and junior faculty level for research related to Middle Eastern governance and public policy. All fellowships carry a stipend. Eligible candidates include advanced doctoral candidates, recent recipients of a Ph.D. or equivalent degree, and untenured faculty members. Applicants for pre-doctoral fellowships must have passed general examinations and should be in or near the final year of their program. We welcome applications from political scientists, historians, economists, sociologists, and other social scientists. We also encourage applications from women, minorities, and citizens of all countries.

Priority will be given to applications pursuing one of these four primary areas of focus:

  • DEMOCRATIZING POLITICS: Establishing durable, accountable democracies not only by focusing on political institutions, but also by empowering the region’s citizens.
  • BUILDING PEACE: Addressing the sources of domestic and interstate conflict and generating durable political settlements.
  • REVITALIZING THE STATE: Reforming the Middle East’s social service delivery systems with a special emphasis on health, education, and social protection.
  • DEMOCRATIZING FINANCIAL AND LABOR MARKETS: Working to ensure that the financial and labor markets in the Middle East benefit the entire population, not merely the elite.
  • DIGITAL GOVERNANCE: Assessing how regional governments in the Middle East adapt and integrate technology, as well as how these advances in technology and cybersecurity have shaped governance.

This program is made possible through funding from the Emirates Leadership Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School. All application materials must be submitted in PDF format through the official application portal. To apply or find more information regarding the program and application process, please visit:

Please submit inquiries to Julia Martin, MEI Research and Financial Coordinator, by e-mail at:

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