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The Asia-Africa Institute at Hamburg University is offering the position of a research assistant at the newly appointed W3-professorship in Islamic studies which focuses on pre-modern history and material culture; salary group 13 TV-L (with half of the regular working hours (19.5 hours per week). Start date: November 1, 2011.

Responsibilities: The duties are services primarily for research and teaching. They include a participation in research projects of the W3-professorship and further involvement in preparation, application and coordination of third party funded projects; participation in editorial projects, including the international renowned journal “Der Islam;” participation in the development of English language web classes in the field of material culture and Islamic numismatics, and support of teaching, teaching, and student advisory. Outside of these duties is an opportunity for further academic qualification.

Employment Requirements: The applicant should have a Magister/Master’s degree or a doctorate in Islamic studies or related fields. We expect exceptional knowledge of Arabic, and at least one other source language and proficiency in English language. Desirable is a research interest in the field of pre-modern Islamic history and material culture, or experience in related subjects, such as Islamic art, Islamic numismatics and archaeology, or legal and economic history of Islamic world.

Applications include the usual documents (cover letter, CV, resume, publication list, certificates, and thesis or publications), and should be sent in electronic form (pdf) to or For further information please contact Ms. Karin Reissmann or Ms. Tanya Amini, ( tel. +49 (0) 40 42838-3180, or Prof. Stefan Heidemann (

For further details on the post see (German) (English)

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