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Candidates may apply for the position of Junior Research Fellow (1 year, renewable once). Applicants must have obtained their doctorate after 15 June 2015. The successful candidate will sign a research contract with an annual gross salary of € 23,500.


Deadline for applications: 25 July 2020. Information:

1. Fondazione per le scienze religiose (Fscire) invites applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships.

2. Fscire is looking for one research fellowto be involved in the project Teologia, pensiero economico e prassi commerciali: feneratio, ribāe tasso d’interesse fra cristianesimo e islam(Theology, economic thought and commercial practices: feneratio, ribā and interest rate in Christianity and Islam), co-funded by Banca d’Italia.

3. Fellowships are established in accordance with requirements defined by the policy of Fscire, its agreements with the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna, the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research, and Banca d’Italia. Candidates may apply for the position of Junior Research Fellow (1 year, renewable once).
Applicants must have obtained their doctorate after 15 June 2015.The successful candidate will sign a research contract, equivalent to the Italian “Assegno di ricerca junior” (which amounts to an annual gross salaryof €23,500).
The contract defines a research programme in accordance with the research lines of Fscire; it might also include the publication of the candidate’s doctoral dissertation during the second year of the fellowship.
All fellowships are residential. Research shall be conducted at Fscire in the “Giorgio La Pira” Library, Palermo (Via U. Maddalena, 112).
1. The ribā in classical Islamic thought: theology, economic thought and practices.
Research aims:
Framing theological and juridical debateson usury (ribā) in classical Islam and the progressive definition of interest rate, and assess its impact on institutions, credit and commercial practices through case studies.
4. Applications should be sent to:
Fondazione per le scienze religiose “Giovanni XXIII”, via San Vitale 114,40125 Bologna or by 25 July 2020.
5. Applications from all countries are encouraged. Equal opportunities policies are fully implemented.
6. Applications must include:
i. The specification of the research topic for which the candidate is applying;
ii. A full CV;
iii. A research project proposal;
iv. Publications in pdf format (including PhD Thesis);
v. Official certification or self-evaluation of language skills both for modern and ancient languages;
vi. The names of 2 possible research supervisors;
vii. Two letters of recommendation from internationally acknowledged scholars. Please include their contact details.
7. Candidates must specify whether they are also applying for accommodation (limited availability for a period of maximum 3 months).
8. Candidates must specify whether they are willing to apply for Fscire membership: being a Member of Fscire does not change economic conditions or the general obligations of belonging to a permanent research community, including participation in the life of Fscire, also according to the opening hours of the “Giorgio La Pira” Library. The status of Member offers the opportunity to participate in Fscire’s research programmes (including EU-funded and other competitive research projects), the chance to represent Fscire on other boards or initiatives, teaching opportunities in Italy and abroad, as well as full rights in terms of the acquisition of books, benefits, and travel funding.
9. Applications are evaluated by a commission of four scholars (including at least one of the members of Fscire), appointed by the President of Fscire.
10. Members of Fscire may be consulted during the evaluation process, according to their experience in the research pipelines.
11. Applicants may be invited by the SecretaryGeneral of Fscireto an interview or meeting (in person or via internet) during the evaluation process. Expenses will be covered.
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