Rustin Zarkar in Conversation with Publisher Hadi Khojinian


Hadi Khojinian is the founder and director of Mehri Publication Ltd, a publishing house that aims to support writers, translators, and artists to publish their works, in particular, the ones who are not allowed to publish their books in their own countries because of the censorship.


Mehri publication publishes books in Persian, English, Arabic, and other languages in the UK. Hadi also works as a social activist, writer, and radio presenter. He received a “Community Award” from the West Itchen Community Trust, for his service as a community organizer and his outstanding work with refugees in the UK.


Hadi has published his poems and short stories in Iran and the UK in respectful magazines such as “Bokhara”, “Donya-e Sokhan”, “Gadroon” and “Abrar”. Moreover, He produced the radio program “This Is My Home”, for BBC Radio 4 UK. Hadi also produced and presented “Qese-hay Jazireh” (The Island’s Stories) item for Radio Koocheh.




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