Conversation: “The Intersection of Research and Policy”

Piper Campbell

Conversation: “The Intersection of Research and Policy”

Friday, January 27 | 3:00-4:00 PM

FedEx Global Center, 1009

UNC – Chapel Hill

The Carolina Asia Center is proud to host Amb. Piper Campbell (former US ambassador to Mongolia and now Hurst Senior Professional Lecturer in the School of International Service at American University) for a discussion of the nexus of academic research and policy.

This conversation is intended to help graduate and professional school students – and all who are engaged in deep research – think about applications of their expertise and training beyond traditional university and research settings. The discussion will touch on questions like: How does academic research (and especially research grounded in deep area studies expertise) impact the formulation of policy in government and the private sector? How can researchers assist in translating their work so it becomes accessible for policymakers, and when is that appropriate? How can deep knowledge translate into policy careers?

 Sponsored by Carolina Asia Center, Center for Middle East & Islamic Studies and North Carolina Consortium for Middle East Studies.