Book talk: “Jasūr Magazine X Nadia Bou Ali”

Jasur Magazine talkBook talk: “Jasūr Magazine X Nadia Bou Ali”

Wednesday, March 29 |1:00 pm 

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Nadia Bou Ali, Associate Professor and Director of the Civilizational Studies Program at the American University of Beirut, joins us to discuss her most recent book, Psychoanalysis and the Love of Arabic: Hall of Mirrors, as well as her ongoing work on the Lebanese Marxist intellectual Mehdi Amel and his critique of Edward Said. Psychoanalysis and the Love of Arabic is an intervention into the intellectual history of the nahda and modern Arabic thought more broadly; it explores the relationship between some of the movement’s most prominent figures, modernity, universality, late nineteenth century Liberalism, and the Arabic language. We encourage students and faculty of all backgrounds, but especially those broadly interested in the Arabic language, philosophy, and/or critical theory to attend!

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