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If you have been offered assistance with designing and printing publicity materials for an upcoming event, please follow these instructions carefully and keep in mind that the Center’s graphic designer is employed on a limited part-time basis.

Click here to download these instructions as a pdf.


Approximate Timeline

  • 4.25×5.5’’ postcards: $0.21 ea.
  • 11×17’’ poster: $0.72  ea.
  • 24×35’’ poster: $52.50 ea.

*all prices are for full color materials

  1. Initial design: 1 week
  2. Delivery & inspection of proof: 3 business days
  3. Final changes: 1-3 days
  4. Delivery of final copies & e-Flyer: 3 business days

The average time from initiating the design process to receiving the final copies of publicity materials is 12 business days. Please begin working with the designer at least three weeks in advance of an event.

Examples of Previous Event Posters

1. Design (~1 week)

The event coordinator should send the designer the following information in a single email:

  • Title of the event (clearly indicate the subtitle, if applicable)
  • Date, time, and location of the event
  • 100 words or less describing the event and/or the speaker (less is more)
  • A list of sponsors and co-sponsors in paragraph form (bullet lists are unacceptable)
  • High resolution JPG, GIF, or PNG images that the event planners would like included and/or stipulations for the types of images that should be used (please attach all images separately, do NOT paste images into emails or documents)
  • If applicable, all information about how to purchase tickets, or alternately, a statement such as “This is event is free and open to the public.”
  • If desired, include additional information such as a contact person, website URL, etc.
  • Campus address for delivery of publicity materials AND how many copies will be required

Sending the designer additional information at a later stage may cause serious problems with a layout that has been optimized for a lesser amount of text. It is very important that event planners think ahead as to what information will need to be included on publicity materials.

Once this information has been received, the designer will send you a digital “rough draft” for your approval. At this time, please check the draft carefully for informational and typographical errors. This is also the appropriate stage to request limited aesthetic adjustments. Please keep in mind that these kinds of requests may be refused by the designer if deemed too time-consuming or non-essential. Given limited resources, the priority for publicity materials is the clear communication of event information.

2. Delivery & inspection of proof (~3 business days)

A “proof” is a free sample copy of a poster* or postcard provided by the printer for inspection before the final order can be printed. Our printers will deliver the proof directly to the event planners at their campus address. The goal of a proof is to prevent catastrophic errors in the final order.

In certain cases it may be possible to skip the proof stage altogether. However, this is highly inadvisable. Skipping the proof must be discussed in advance with the designer.

* If the order is for large posters (around 24×36’’ or larger) a proof will not be provided.

3. Final changes (1-3 days)

After inspecting the proof, please contact the designer promptly to approve the printing of the entire order, or to request crucial changes. Examples of acceptable change requests at this stage include correcting typographical or informational errors, asking for colors to be adjusted if text is unreadable and requesting a different font if sections of the text are difficult to read. If you request additional changes, the designer will send another digital draft for your approval.

4. Delivery of final copies & “e-Flyer” (~3 business days)

Final copies will be delivered to the campus address provided by the event planners. An invoice will included with this delivery, and the event planners are responsible for remitting payment to the printers.

The designer will also create an “e-Flyer” based on the final design submitted to the printers. This will be a lower-resolution version of the publicity material that is suitable for sending as an email attachment or posting on websites.

Please notify the designer when the final copies of publicity materials have been delivered. If an order has not arrived within four business days, you should contact the designer.