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Job Title: Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow (depending on level of qualifications/experience) – MENA Peace and Security programme

Department: Research and Analysis Department

Section: Programme on Peace and Security in the MENA region

Reporting Line: Director Research and Analysis

1.       Job Objective

The research programme on Peace and Security in the MENA region caters to three distinct but overlapping audiences, as with all of the research programmes in the

Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA). These are:

▪ An expert and interested public, both in the UAE and overseas, through publishing analysis and organising relevant discussion events;

▪ The UAE government, through providing case studies, analysis and advisory work, and facilitating discussion/debate with external experts; and

▪ The EDA’s students of diplomacy, who are for the most part existing or trainee diplomats, through supporting their research and training them in the issues that we work on.

The EDA will also be launching a new Master of Arts in Humanitarian Action and Development. This one-year programme will provide EDA students with the knowledge and skills to identify effective solutions to humanitarian and development challenges in the MENA region and further afield.

The EDA is looking to both strengthen the MENA research programme and support the new MA by recruiting a Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow (depending on experience and qualifications), with particular expertise in humanitarian aid and development in the MENA region as well as interest and/or experience in stabilisation and post conflict reconstruction.

This individual’s role will be to:

– Conduct research related to the promotion of peace and security in the MENA region, with a focus on humanitarian aid and development in fragile and conflict-affected countries in the MENA region;

– Co-manage (with an existing Senior Research Fellow) a wide-ranging research programme, including organising related events and managing contributions by external experts;

– Teach at least one course as part of the new MA in Humanitarian Action and Development, and provide executive training courses as required in subject areas related to humanitarian assistance, foreign aid, development studies and peacebuilding;

– Contribute to the wider success and operations of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy; and

– Ensure compliance with relevant policies and procedures and ensure quality assurance of outputs.

2.      Key Responsibilities/Duties

/MENA research programme management:/
▪ Identify a realistic, prioritised but impactful programme of work based around the role description set out above

▪ Identify and engage possible partners to collaborate on aspects of the research agenda, including commissioning external experts to write papers

▪ Initiate and organize events related to the research programme, including round-table discussions, seminars and workshops

▪Manage the delivery of the work programme, liaising with internal and external stakeholders
▪ Build working relations with relevant government and non-government experts in the UAE and abroad who are working on these issues

/Producing MENA Research:/

▪ Conduct his/her own research

▪ Produce research papers and develop multimedia formats for communicating the results of research, including infographs, op-eds, video and other formats

▪ Provide expert advisory services for the government of the UAE

▪ Produce occasional short issue briefs for the EDA to distribute

▪ Present research in external forums, including conferences and other events

▪ Engage EDA students in the research programme and tailor some output towards their needs

▪ Teach and develop at least one graduate course as part of the EDA’s Humanitarian Action and Development MA programme, and more if required

▪ Prepare and deliver executive training courses and seminars for members of the diplomatic service and other relevant government entities

▪ Advise EDA students on academic matters

/Contribution to wider goals of Research Department and the EDA:/

▪ Contribute to the wider strategic planning of the Research and Analysis Department, including planning work that falls outside the core research programmes

▪ Where requested, act as a supervisor of EDA students’ research projects, including capstone projects

▪ Contribute to the wider operations and success of the EDA, including by participating in relevant committees

3. Job Specification

/Education and Relevant Experience/
▪ Candidates must have a PhD in a relevant field from a respected academic institution and be able to demonstrate a minimum of 3-4 years’ experience in conducting relevant research and analysis, whether in government, international organisation, academia or in a research institution.

▪ For candidates who can demonstrate a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience, there is a possibility of being appointed as Senior Research Fellow.

▪ All candidates should have teaching experience, as well as experience in producing policy-relevant analysis for government.


▪ A proven record of performance in producing high quality and influential analysis.

▪ Evidence of expertise in aid/development in the MENA region.

▪ Excellent written English. Fluency in written and spoken Arabic is highly desirable.

▪ Strong, clear, and effective written and oral communication skills, including an understanding of how to convey information and ideas to senior government officials, as well as to students.

▪ Evidence of strong pedagogical skills.

▪ An innovative approach to analyzing and communicating information and ideas.

▪ Affinity with the foreign policy goals of the United Arab Emirates.

▪ Ability to work in an environment dealing with sensitive information.

▪ Flexibility, and willingness to adapt to evolving needs and priorities.

▪ Passionate about analysis being impactful and relevant to the needs of government.

▪ An appreciation for the mission and culture of the Academy.

▪ Strong team player, with a keen interest in collaborating to ensure the success of the EDA.

4.        Application process
Candidates should send the following documents to <><> <>, copying<> by 31 July:
–          CV
–          Statement of interest (brief)
–          Copy of recent course evaluations

–          Sample of publications
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