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The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), an independent institute for learning and research in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Public Administration, is being established in Doha, Qatar by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS). It is scheduled to launch in the Fall of 2015. The DI’s mission is to bring together outstanding faculty and graduate students from the Arabic speaking world and beyond to carry out critical studies and research in the fields of: Philosophy, History, Arabic Language and Linguistics, Political Science, Economics of Development, Sociology and Anthropology, Legal Studies, Media Studies, Public Administration, and Public Policy. The DI is comprised of the School of the Social Sciences and Humanities and the School of Public Administration and Policy. Programs will start at the master’s level with the aim of introducing a doctorate program within the following years.


The School of Public Administration and Policy aims to provide students with skills, knowledge, and analytical tools in public affairs management, including policy making and analysis. Students are encouraged to consider social phenomena through academic and professional lenses; preparing them to make original and ethical intellectual contributions to the study of societal and governmental behavior, and ultimately develop the services provided to their communities. The School offers a Master’s of Public Administration and a Master’s in Development Policy, in addition to mid-career practical training in the form of diplomas and certificates.


This appointment involves finalizing the preparations for the opening of the DI (by Fall 2015) during the pre-operational academic year (2014-2015). Reporting to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, the Dean serves as the chief academic and administrative officer of the School of Public Administration and Policy. The Dean, as the academic and executive head of the School, is responsible for the academic standards of the school as a whole and specifically for the personnel, curriculum, budgets, and resource management of the school’s programs.


  •   Advise the Provost and the President on all academic matters of the School
  •    Lead, plan, and manage the research activities efforts of the School
  •    Direct and coordinate activities of the directors and heads of individual programs
  •    Oversee all personnel matters pertaining to academic and non-academic employees
  •    Chair and participate in activities and deliberation of the main faculty committees
  •    Develop, revise, and coordinate the assessment of academic programs, program plans, policies, and extracurricular programs for the school


  •    A PhD in an academic discipline represented in the School
  •    Holding the rank of professor from an esteemed university with a distinguished record of published research and scholarship
  •    Demonstrated strategic academic leadership and executive administration at the level of department chair or faculty/school dean in a well-established university, with active involvement in graduate studies
  •    Excellent interpersonal oral and written communication skills in English and Arabic
  •    Knowledge of management of budgets, resources, policies and procedures, curricular matters and academic personnel issues
  •    Excellent track record in the planning and management of research


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