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The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), an independent institute for learning and research in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Public Administration and Development Economics, has been newly established in Doha, Qatar by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. Student applications have now opened and the DI is scheduled to launch its first academic year in the Fall semester of 2015. As a bilingual institution where both Arabic and English will be languages of teaching, learning and research, and as part of its drive to underpin academic programs with appropriate support services, the DI is in the process of establishing a state-of-the-art language center (LC) to support the students and staff of the Institute, where the latest methodologies and technologies in the teaching and independent learning of languages, are employed, e.g. audio-visual, computer-assisted and internet-based. The primary languages to be taught to native and non-native speakers in the LC will be English and Arabic, especially for academic, discipline-related purposes, including the acquisition of advanced writing skills.  Additional language support for research purposes is also expected to be provided in Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Persian, French and German. The LC will also provide beginner  and refresher courses in Arabic to  interested non-native scholars  from within  or outside Qatar.

The DI seeks to appoint a director for the LC with qualifications and professional experience in TOEFL and/or TAFL. A proven track-record in managing a similar center is highly desirable. The position is open-rank on the academic scale but is also open on the administrative scale to professional applicants with the appropriate qualifications and experience. Once appointed, the director will be expected to play a leading role in the setting up of the LC and selection of its teaching staff.

Applicants should submit a CV with the names of three referees and a cover letter in which to expound their vision for the center in relation to the DI mission and the above requirements. The selection process will remain open until the position is filled.The successful candidate will be expected to take up the post as soon as is practically possible but hopefully no later than the beginning of June 2015. The DI offers internationally competitive salaries and benefits based on rank and experience.

For further information on the DI’s mission, faculties and programs, please visit:

Inquiries and applications (detailed CVs and cover letters) can be sent to:

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