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Council on International Educational Exchange is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to our mission to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. Founded in 1947, CIEE is a worldwide leader in international education and exchange programs. The Regional Director of Operations has overall business management responsibility for a set of CIEE Study Centers in a particular region of the world, requiring the delivery of high-quality programming, logistics and related services.

The  Regional Director of Operations (RDO) oversees the administration of study abroad programs in his/her region and works closely with other managers to deliver faculty and other special programs (Teach, GAP, IFDS and customized) at the CIEE Study Centers. The RDO achieves objectives through the supervision and management of resident staff as well as through strong collaboration with other business units at CIEE that directly impact successful delivery – Academic Affairs, Enrollment, Institutional Relations, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Participant Services.

The RDO plays an integral role in the overall management of CIEE Study Centers while contributing in all key areas of business and financial management, as well as development and strategic planning. This position requires the use of superior judgment and the ability to make key decisions relative to (but not exclusive of) policy, timing, and implementation in all areas of responsibility. Additionally the RDO must continually, (and often immediately) apply sound judgment and knowledge to the expedient resolution of a broad range of issues relative to (but not exclusive of) individual students, Study Center staff, emergencies, and the like.

Primary Responsibilities:
Program Delivery & Onsite Students

    • Oversee the delivery of high quality academic programs
    • Oversee the delivery of high quality co-curricular program components including cultural activities, and community engagement
    • Oversee the delivery of high quality housing and student services

Human Resources Management

    • Recruiting, developing and retaining resident staff
    • Day-to-day management of resident directors
    • Making and assisting with termination decisions regarding resident staff
    • Oversee performance management process for resident staff
    • Oversee conversion to and usage of UltiPro Human Resources database system
    • Train resident staff on an on-going basis and help with planning of group resident staff trainings
    • Understand and adhere to local labor laws
    • Vacation approval and recordkeeping
    • Create and maintain specific content for each location/region for overseas employee manual


    • Train resident staff on new financial systems
    • Build annual program and capital expenditure budgets in consultation with Resident Directors and Portland-based management team.
    • Monitor Study Center financial performance on a monthly basis
    • Work with resident staff on negotiation of local host university financial protocols and fees and facility leases and other agreements.
    • Establish and oversee financial controls protocols
    • Oversee cash flow management with Finance Department
    • Responsibility for Study Center margins

Legalization Issues

    • Help coordinate and lead on-going management of CIEE legal entities in each location and determine best legal structure for each (ie: review current legal structure) for existing and new operations
    • Lead overall legalization efforts in locations in which a new or different legal entity structure is required
    • Oversee legal issues pertaining to site

Host Institution Relations

    • Work closely with Resident Director to negotiate agreements/maintain relationships with host institutions in each location.
    • Annual update of financial agreements with local partners

Facilities & Equipment

    • Ensure leases are up-to-date for all CIEE program facilities.
    • Ensure Study Center equipment meets CIEE standards (computers, audio visual equipment, etc.)
    • Responsible for physical space (office/building) for each Study Center in region
    • Maintain all documentation related to program facilities and equipment
    • Manage IT infrastructure needs

Safety Protocols & Risk management

    • Manage effective and expedient response to all health, safety, and security incidents
    • Work closely with Portland management team and resident staff on monitoring and mitigation of local risks, including possible political disruptions and natural disasters
    • Communicate with stakeholders as necessary in response to individual or group incidents


    • Oversee syllabi process to ensure they follow CIEE format and are submitted in a timely manner
    • Review student evaluations and make recommendations
    • Collect and review annual Resident Director reports and follow up
    • Write Critical Components Review (CCRs) reports for Senior Program Directors and Academic Consortium Board
    • Manage and resolve administrative issues/problems related to Study Centers
    • Manage high level interaction with parents and administrators as necessary


    • Work closely with Portland management team, Institutional Relations, and Marketing to develop strategy for increasing enrollment at new or under-enrolled study centers.
    • Ensure CIEE brand is well-represented at site
    • Ensure all regional programs are  well-represented in CIEE marketing materials
    • Review print and web text on a regular basis ad communicate necessary changes to marketing team

Program Development

    • Participate in program development as directed

Knowledge & Skill Requirements:

  • Business experience – seasoned professional with 8-10 years minimum work experience with five years of that in hands on managerial experience in study abroad, international educational exchange, or a related higher education institutional setting
  • Budgeting and financial analysis – Proven experience developing and managing budgets
  • Seasoned leadership skills – Proven ability to lead a team through the complexities and challenges of a broad range of operational, programmatic, and student affairs issues
  • People management – proven ability to be an extremely strong people manager and be able to accomplish challenging objectives and goals through others
  • Process Management – Experience developing, implementing, and managing projects and/or processes
  • Customer service – Extremely strong servicing skills and the ability to resolve issues fairly, expediently, and cost-effectively
  • Academic Culture –  In depth knowledge of and first-hand experience with U.S. academic institutions and their culture and processes
  • Thought leadership – Ability to challenge the way we do business, encourage new ideas/approaches, and understand broader implications of a wide range of business issues
  • Integrity – Role model for professionalism and commitment to CIEE values and stated goals. Must exhibit such professionalism both internally (for all employees) and externally (for constituents and partners)
  • Interpersonal skills – Ability to engender the trust and confidence of a number of stakeholders and be able to deal effectively with a wide variety of often sensitive issues
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills – Ability to effectively communicate with students, parents, faculty, members of the ACB and other employees. Must be able to understand, work through, and resolve a wide range of both business and academic issues
  • Technical skills – Familiarity with the Microsoft suite of software and proven interest in using technology to improve business functions
  • Language/Culture – Fluency in English required; proficiency in second language related to region preferred
  • Regional Experience – Familiarity and experience with multiple locations within the assigned region a plus

Educational Requirements

  • Master’s degree required

Working Conditions

  • Travel 1/5 time and 24/7 availability in case of urgent situations

Additional Skills and Experience

  • Ability to function well in complex institutional framework
  • High tolerance for ambiguity, and flexibility necessary to respond quickly and appropriately to changing circumstances
  • Presentation, knowledge, background, and experience must be credible to local and U.S. administrators
  • Maintain CIEE commitment to providing and preserving a safe and supportive environment in which individual ideas and uniqueness are recognized, valued and given the opportunity to grow
  • Superior judgment when dealing with confidential information
  • Exemplary ambassador of CIEE and its mission and programs

Due to federal regulations a background check will be conducted as a condition of employment.

Interested candidates please email a cover letter and resume to  Please put “Regional Director of Operations, Middle East” in the subject line.  We will contact those candidates we would like to meet with to further discuss this exciting opportunity. No phone calls please.

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