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The Ayeneh Foundation is a non-profit organization that works

internationally with the Farsi speaking community to reduce the stigma

associated with drug abuse, alcoholism, substance abuse (including chemical

substances), addiction and the related social problems. Through the use of

education, compassion, and support, Ayeneh strives to reach not just the

individual but also families to develop more insight and deeper

understanding in order to begin a dialogue and to influence the Farsi

speaking community throughout the world.  Our Foundation has raised

awareness of the diseases of drug abuse, alcoholism, substance and chemical

abuse, as well as addiction through its education programs that targets

those inflicted, their families as well as the Farsi speaking community

throughout the world.  As a result of Ayeneh’s efforts, educational

programming through radio, television, conferences, pamphlets, articles, and

seminars are now readily available.  These awareness campaigns extend to the

related side effects of these diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, unemployment,

homelessness, and suicide.

The Ayeneh Foundation is seeking an Executive Director to lead our

organization through its next phase of growth. We are seeking an

experienced, dynamic, creative, highly skilled, passionate, and motivated

individual to join and lead our team. The Executive Director is a full-time,

permanent position to be based in the Tarzana area of California or nearby.

It’s a role that requires a broad mix of skills and characteristics. We are

seeking a professional individual with experience in the non-profit sector

who has a successful track record in developing person-in-need oriented

programs; fund raising; developing, leading, and fostering a team; creating

and managing an operating budget; and working closely with our Board of

Directors to formulate strategy and achieve desired outcomes. Further, it is

of significant importance that the candidate has a sincere and genuine

passion for our mission and to be a believer in our vision. The position

will require the candidate to think outside the box, be a self-starter, and

to be comfortable and confident in his/her collaboration with an array of

individuals and entities.

Job Description:

The Executive Director is responsible for the professional

leadership and management of Ayeneh.  The Executive Director will work in

concert with our Board of Directors to move the foundation forward in the

development and implementation of internal and external goals that reflect

the organization’s vision, mission, and business plan.  The Executive

Director provides overall leadership for strategy, organizational

development, program creation and implementation, operational execution,

financial budgeting, forecasting, and management, and fundraising. The

Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors of Ayeneh.  A priority

for the Executive Director will be to spearhead the budgeting needs, fund

raising, site identification and acquisition, design plans, and project

management of Ayeneh’s “cultural center” and future headquarters in the

Tarzana area of Southern California.

The Executive Director function will have the following responsibilities:

*       Budget, Financial, and Data Management:  Develop and recommend an

annual budget and supplemental project budgets on an as-needed basis, for

board approval and prudently manage our organization’s resources and

projects within budgetary guidelines; and ensure proper record keeping /

data management.

*       Grant Development:  Assist the development office in researching and

shaping grant proposals; and develop specific outcome reporting to grantors.

*       Tax & Legal Compliance: Insure that our foundation is compliant at

all times with all applicable laws and operates in accordance with the rules

and regulations of being a 501-C non-profit organization.

*       Fundraising: Developing short and long term strategies for all of

our foundation’s fund raising activity; Increasing, strengthening, and

diversifying our organization’s funding sources; Developing creative and

innovative ways to create awareness and enthusiasm through social media and

other means to successfully raise funds for our organization; and

effectively leveraging the founders fan base in order to reach them in a

sincere, thoughtful and credible way in order to raise funds for the

foundation’s efforts.

*       Program, Product and Service Delivery:  Work with our founder and at

times with members of our Board of Directors to manage the execution of new

programs and projects ; Lead and initiate the start of new programs or the

redesign of older programs in response to effectiveness and changes in need

of the community served and to implement any such changes or new programs;

Oversee design, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality of programs,

products, and services; and Develop program and outcome evaluation systems

for existing and new programs adequate to meet internal and external

reporting requirements as set by our Board of Directors and our outside


*       Public Relations and Marketing: Develop, recommend, implement, and

oversee a strategic marketing and PR plans to publicize the activities of

our organization, its programs, vision, and goals; Establish quality working

relationships and effectively represent our organization with community

groups, organizations, PR and marketing agencies, the third party fund

raising community, and our founder’s fan base and the general public.

*       Lead and Manage:  Attract, recruit, lead, and manage a team of

quality volunteers and employees who share a passion for our mission and are

committed to our vision; Lead, encourage, inspire, and be driven to make a

difference internally and externally; and Develop a team with a

complimentary set of skills and experiences to effectively execute on our

foundation’s mission and vision and capable of achieving the desired


The Executive Director is a full-time position with a compensation and

benefits package based upon and commensurate with the individual’s level of

experience and track record of accomplishments and success.  We will

consider relocation expenses on a case by case basis.


Qualified candidates with nonprofit management experience are strongly

desired however we will consider highly accomplished and passionate

candidates without a nonprofit background.

*       At least 10 years of management experience

*       At least 5 years of advocacy experience

*       Budget development and financial management experience

*       Team building and leading experience

*       PR and marketing experience

*       Excellent understanding of issues regarding the Iranian community and the Iranian Diaspora

*       Strong verbal and written communication skills including public speaking and grant writing

*       Strong conflict resolution and decision making skills

*       Bilingual:  English and Farsi

Materials to be sent by deadline by Executive Director candidates:

*       Cover letter highlighting experience and history or success and

accomplishments in all qualification areas; passion and commitment for our

mission and vision; and writing skills in both Farsi and English

*       Resume or Curriculum Vitae

*       Three (3) professional References

*       Three (3) personal references

*       A past sample (1 to 5 pages) of your writing style and ability (a

grant application, an article, etc.)

Please send materials electronically to:

The Ayeneh Foundation is fully committed to the principles of equal

opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin,

nationality, religion, political perspective, gender, age, disability, or

sexual identity or orientation.

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