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    Morocco – Rabat
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Working with the Director of Programs in Rabat, the Director of Education Abroad in Washington, DC, and the AMIDEAST Arabic Language Consultant (Qasid), the AC oversees all aspects of Arabic language studies in Morocco.

Academic Coordination
• Oversee all aspects of the delivery of Arabic language courses, both MSA and Moroccan Colloquial Arabic, for education abroad programs in Morocco
• Work with the Qasid to implement the Arabic language and culture curriculum at all levels (both Modern Standard and local colloquial) for the AMIDEAST Morocco Education Abroad programs
• Develop syllabi for Arabic courses for various short- and long-term programs
• Design and develop new Arabic language course curricula and revise existing curricula for study abroad programs in Morocco
• Identify, select, and train new teachers for Arabic language classes
• Create a sense of collaboration and teamwork among Arabic teachers to strive for continuous improvement of the program
• Lead teacher coordination meetings, integrate recommendations in the courses, and collaborate with teachers to identify and design  teaching materials as required (for example, to incorporate cultural elements and local dialects into modern standard Arabic curriculum)
• Lead the evaluation of  Arabic teachers using multiple inputs (personal classroom observation at least twice each semester, student evaluations, student results on proficiency tests administered at the end of each semester)
• On an on-going basis, organize professional development trainings for teachers as led by Qasid, other international staff, or local organizations
• Organize on-site Oral Proficiency Interview OPI-style assessments at the beginning and end of each program for all students
• Help develop and implement the online pre-arrival written Arabic assessment for students
• Using information provided, including written and unofficial OPI data, place all Arabic students into appropriate classes/levels prior to the start of each term
• Ensure that all Arabic language teachers work from an approved AMIDEAST course syllabus with clear learning outcomes, given to all students the first day of class
• Ensure teachers use high-quality teaching materials, quizzes and exams
• Arrive daily prior to the start of the first Arabic language course
• Hold a regular daily office hour, Monday through Friday, as published to the students
• Respond to feedback/complaints from students, and respond to all program and academic email inquiries and requests within one business day
• Ensure all teachers submit midterm assessments of Semester Abroad Program students by the designated date, administer a comprehensive final during finals week, and provide final grades within one week of the final exam.

• One course per academic term in either a proprietary or customized program
• Fill in as a standby teacher on occasion, as necessary

Program Coordination
• Support the Program Officers and Program Assistant in their execution of the Language Partners activity (for a variety of programs), including training the Moroccan language partners to affectively support Arabic learners and incorporating language partners into MCA assignments
• Ensure excursions provide opportunities for applied use of the language
• Ensure that themes and vocabulary related to program activities — including excursions, intercultural learning activities, cultural dialogues, and language partner activities — are communicated to Arabic teachers and integrated in appropriate ways into their lessons
• Prepare student class rosters prior to the start of each term
• Schedule occasional supplemental Arabic language activities — including films, lectures, language outings in Rabat, etc. — in coordination with the Education Abroad Program Officers
• Prepare, in collaboration with the Arabic teachers teaching the course, the weekly schedule outlining each week’s instructional activities for the CAP program when it is onsite.


• Master’s degree required; ABD or PhD degree in a relevant field preferred
• Extensive work experience in TAFL, including teaching, application of best pedagogical practices, and program coordination and administration
• Advanced proficiency or better in MSA and darija
• Academic specialization in North Africa and extensive practical experience in Morocco
• Significant experience living and working in North America or with North American students
• In-depth knowledge of U.S. culture and the mindset of U.S. undergraduate students
• In-depth knowledge of U.S. academic institutions and their culture
• Team-oriented—must have the ability to work closely with a team of academics and professional staff in Morocco and the U.S.
• In-depth knowledge of the key issues and developments in the education abroad field, including language teaching in its context
• In-depth knowledge of student development and intercultural communication theory and practice strongly preferred
• Extremely strong student/customer service skills and the ability to resolve issues fairly, expeditiously, and cost-effectively
• Ability to engender the trust and confidence of teachers and students

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