The Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies welcomes visiting scholars. Researchers who wish to apply for visiting scholar affiliation with the Center should begin by approaching a faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for research collaboration and sponsorship. A list of the Center’s faculty affiliates can be found here.  If a match is found, the interested visiting scholar should contact the Center and provide a CV and a proposal outlining the intended research and the UNC faculty sponsor’s name and department. Please note that administrative fees for visiting scholars will apply. Normally applications for visiting scholar status must be received with full documentation for visa processing at least four months before arriving at UNC.

What the Center offers: Assistance with visa paperwork, library privileges, and study space. The availability of resources such as office space is limited.

What the Center asks of Visiting Scholars: Visiting scholars are asked to provide a public lecture on their research during their stay at UNC.