UNC is developing its Middle East collections in collaboration with Duke University, with UNC having the major responsibility for developing the collection of Persian studies materials, with significant local support including the Pars Endowment for Persian Study and the Jarrahi Family Library Fund for Persian Studies.

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Part of the UNC University Libraries site, the Middle East Studies Guide provides links to collections of films, music, art, books and journals, and maps and data for Middle East studies. It also includes information about library support for scholarly communication and digital repository services, as well as funding opportunities.

Each of these services and collections has a specialized librarian who is ready to work with faculty and students as a research consultant. The Library encourages all faculty to the guide for research, and to link it to Sakai course pages for instruction. You can access the Guide directly here.

To access the Guide from the Library home page, look for “Research Tools” along the top and click “E Research by Discipline.” Find and click on “Middle Eastern/Muslim Civilizations” and then click the “Guides” tab. Links to each of the Guide’s separate pages will appear. Choose a particular topic, or access the home page of the Guide.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Guide, contact Mohamed Hamed at mseoud@email.unc.edu

In addition, the Arab World Research Source is a great resource on the UNC Libraries E-Research Tools website: Arab World Research Source provides access to hundreds of academic journals, magazines, trade publications, conference papers and industry profiles that are published in or pertain specifically to the Arab World. Click here for information and instructions.